About Us

The Province Of KPK is known for its Premium Leather. And this high reputation of finest leather came form the milestones of our ancestors. The art of leather is infused within us form the time before the separation of the subcontinent, when the British and Europeans would come to our ancestors for selecting the best leather available in the nation. The founder of this phoenix, Mohammad Abdullah aka Toothi began this journey by building foundation of Toothi Taneery private limated company (Ltd.) . He then led the chain from there, handing it over to Ghulam Mohammad, who later established GM Fur & Leather Private limited company (Ltd.)

The leather used in the Suplae footware is the same premium leather which we have been exporting internationally. it's full grain leather, which is supple and strong . the natural Full-Grain surface will wear better than other leather. Rather then wearing out, it will develop a natural "Patina" and grow more beautiful over time. only the finest footwear uses this first-class quality of leather for their goods.

Suplae Footwear has unique cuts which gives it the perfect shape that one cannot find elsewhere. Our hand-trimmed, hand-stitched products are one of a kind .Each peice is crafted with Passion of artistry with bare-hands. This is the only reason which SuplaeFootware stands-out. Suplae has genuine leather exterior, leather sole,and even for finishing leather trimmings are used.